Current Bid for TAI JINGNONG's Poem by Du Fu in Running Script at Christie's Reaches HK$20,000

Current Bid for TAI JINGNONG's Poem by Du Fu in Running Script at Christie's Reaches HK$20,000

A stunning piece of art is currently up for auction at Christie's – a hanging scroll featuring a five-character poem by Du Fu in running script. Measuring 68 x 31.5 cm, this ink on paper masterpiece showcases the talent of renowned artist TAI JINGNONG (1903-1990). The artwork is inscribed and signed by the artist, with two seals providing additional authenticity.

Dated to autumn, gengzi year in 1960, this remarkable piece carries historical significance. It is dedicated to Daofang, making it all the more special. Collectors and art enthusiasts alike have taken notice of its value and potential.

The latest bid for this exquisite artwork stands at HK$20,000, reflecting the high level of interest it has garnered. Bidders have recognized the artistic merit as well as the cultural and historical importance encapsulated within this piece. With no previous bids to compete against, now is an opportune moment to secure this unique artwork.

As one of the most prestigious auction houses globally, Christie's provides a reputable platform for both buyers and sellers. Established in 1766, Christie's has established itself as a trusted name in the art world. Their auctions attract art connoisseurs from around the world who recognize the caliber of items presented.

Don't miss your chance to own this remarkable work of art by TAI JINGNONG. Place your bid today at Christie's before the auction ends on March 6, 2024. Experience the beauty and cultural significance that this hanging scroll embodies.

TAI JINGNONG (1903-1990) | Five-character Poem by Du Fu in Running Script

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : HK$20,000

Auction End : Mar 06, 2024

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Source : Christie's

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