Current Bid for PEJAC's Drain IV Reaches £15,000 at Christie's Auction

Current Bid for PEJAC's Drain IV Reaches £15,000 at Christie's Auction

PEJAC's intriguing artwork, Drain IV, has captivated bidders at Christie's auction with its unique composition. The oil painting, created in 2020 on a painter's palette and showcased in an artist's frame, measures 21¾ x 25¾ x 2¾ inches. Signed and dated by the artist on the reverse, this piece showcases his distinctive talent.

The bidding frenzy has reached unprecedented heights, with ten enthusiastic participants vying for this remarkable artwork. As of now, the highest bid stands at an impressive £15,000. Auction enthusiasts have shown great interest in Drain IV due to its striking imagery and meticulous technique.

PEJAC's Drain IV is a testament to the artist's creativity and ingenuity. With its thought-provoking subject matter and masterful execution, it offers viewers a glimpse into his artistic prowess. The detailed brushwork coupled with the unconventional canvas adds depth and intrigue to this engaging piece.

Art admirers eagerly await the culmination of this exciting auction. With its imminent end date of March 12th, 2024, potential buyers still have time to participate in this riveting contest for ownership of Drain IV. Interested parties can place their bids through Christie's platform to secure their chance at acquiring this extraordinary artwork.

Available solely through Christie's auction house, Drain IV presents a rare opportunity for art collectors to add a distinctive piece from PEJAC to their prized collections. Bidders from around the world have recognized the allure of this sought-after artwork and come together in hopes of claiming it as their own.

In conclusion, PEJAC's captivating creation Drain IV has garnered international attention at Christie’s auction house. The latest bid of £15,000 showcases collectors' enthusiasm for owning this exceptional artwork. With only a limited time left before the auction concludes on March 12th, art enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the final outcome of this exhilarating bidding war.

PEJAC (B. 1977) | Drain IV

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : £15,000

Number of Bids : 10

Auction End : Mar 12, 2024

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Source : Christie's

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