Current Bid for Miyagikyo 10 Year Old Single Cask #300250 at Sotheby's Reaches HK$1,500

Current Bid for Miyagikyo 10 Year Old Single Cask #300250 at Sotheby's Reaches HK$1,500

The auction for the prestigious 宮城峽 Miyagikyo 10 Year Old Single Cask #300250 at Sotheby's has attracted significant attention, with the latest bid reaching HK$1,500. This rare and sought-after item carries a unique history and offers enthusiasts the opportunity to add an exceptional whisky to their collection.

Distilled on 17/4/2005 and bottled on 16/11/2015, this single cask whisky boasts a robust alcohol by volume (ABV) of 55.0%. The bottle is in good condition, although the front label does exhibit slight scratching. Despite this minor imperfection, the value and desirability of this remarkable spirit remain undiminished.

Sotheby's Buyer's Premium and Overhead Premium are included in the listed results, providing transparency and assurance for potential buyers. While Hong Kong tax laws stipulate that intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to minors during commercial transactions, responsible collectors can participate with confidence.

Transport costs and any applicable duty or taxes when shipping beyond Hong Kong are solely the buyer's responsibility. However, taxes have already been settled upon arrival in Hong Kong itself. Winning bidders should consider these factors when budgeting for their acquisition.

The Miyagikyo 10 Year Old Single Cask #300250 presents a compelling investment opportunity for whisky aficionados around the world. With its notable ABV and unique production date, this bottle promises exquisite flavors and complexity. Its presence at Sotheby's attests to its exceptional quality and collectability.

This outstanding auction item beckons enthusiasts looking to enhance their collections with a rare gem from the renowned 宮城峽 Miyagikyo distillery. Bidders await eagerly as Sotheby's facilitates the exchange of this extraordinary spirit to its new owner. Will the current bid of HK$1,500 prevail, or will there be a surprise twist in the auction's final moments? The outcome awaits as whisky enthusiasts monitor this captivating event at Sotheby's.

宮城峽 Miyagikyo 10 Year Old Single Cask #300250 55.0 abv 2005 (1 BT70)

Platform : Sotheby's

Latest Bid : HK$1,500

Number of Bids : 5

Auction End : Feb 29, 2024

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Source : Sotheby's

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