Current Bid for Analia Saban's Pressed Paint (Titanium White) at Sotheby's Reaches $5,000

Current Bid for Analia Saban's Pressed Paint (Titanium White) at Sotheby's Reaches $5,000

An intriguing piece of contemporary art by talented artist Analia Saban is attracting attention and commanding a high bid at the renowned auction house, Sotheby's. The artwork titled "Pressed Paint (Titanium White)" is part of a series executed in 2017.

This unique creation showcases acrylic paint pressed into linen, offering a textured and visually captivating effect. Measuring 34 x 27 inches (86.4 x 68.6 cm), this impressive artwork demands attention with its striking presence.

With three bids already placed, the current leading bid stands at an impressive $5,000. Bidders have recognized the artistic value and allure of this fascinating piece, further driving up its price.

The exhibition history of the artwork reveals its significance within the art world. It was displayed as part of "Sprüth Magers x Artadia: A Benefit Exhibition to Support the Next Generation of Artists" at Sprüth Magers in New York from April 4-22, 2023, adding to its prestige and desirability.

Analia Saban hails from Buenos Aires but currently resides in Los Angeles. Her work has garnered attention through numerous solo exhibitions, including displays at well-regarded institutions like Modern Art Museum Fort Worth and Blaffer Art Museum.

As this auction is hosted on, it is important to note that post-sale matters will be handled by the Norton Museum of Art in collaboration with Sotheby's. The contact details of winning bidders will be shared with the Norton Museum for seamless communication regarding invoicing and property pickup or shipment.

With exceptional craftsmanship and artistic vision evident in "Pressed Paint (Titanium White)," this remarkable artwork promises to be a valuable addition to any art enthusiast's collection. As the auction end date approaches on February 5, 2024, art connoisseurs eagerly anticipate further bidding activity and the final price this captivating piece will command.

Pressed Paint (Titanium White)

Platform : Sotheby's

Latest Bid : $5,000

Number of Bids : 3

Auction End : Feb 05, 2024

Source : Sotheby's

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