Current Bid for 1991 Kentucky Derby Owner's Trophy at Lelands Reaches $26,250

Current Bid for 1991 Kentucky Derby Owner's Trophy at Lelands Reaches $26,250

The highly sought-after 1991 Kentucky Derby Owner's Trophy, awarded to the owner of Strike the Gold, is now up for auction on Lelands. These prestigious trophies are rarely available for sale, making this a unique opportunity for racing enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Since the tradition of presenting the winning owner with a beautifully-crafted trophy began in 1924, only a handful of these owner's trophies have ever been sold publicly. One such example was the trophy presented to the owner of Spend a Buck in 1985, which achieved a record-breaking price of $187,521 at Leland's 2015 Winter Classic.

Crafted in exquisite 14K gold, this particular trophy comprises three main components. The centerpiece is the cup itself, featuring a classic design that has been meticulously hand-hammered. Inside the cup lies captivating engraving that commemorates Strike the Gold's victory in the renowned Kentucky Derby.

With two bids already placed, the latest bid stands at an impressive $26,250 as bidders vie for an opportunity to own this exceptional piece of racing history. As the auction end date approaches on March 16, 2024, anticipation builds among collectors eager to secure this rare Kentucky Derby Owner's Trophy.

Race fans should note that these owner's trophies should not be confused with smaller sterling silver trophies typically awarded to jockeys, trainers, and breeders. The gold owner's trophy represents an unparalleled symbol of achievement and success within the horse racing world.

Don't miss your chance to be part of racing history by placing your bid on this remarkable 1991 Kentucky Derby Owner's Trophy at Lelands. Join enthusiasts from around the world competing for ownership rights to this cherished piece linked to one of America's most prestigious sporting events.

1991 Kentucky Derby Owner's Trophy - Strike the Gold

Platform : Lelands

Latest Bid : $26,250

Number of Bids : 2

Auction End : Mar 16, 2024

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Source : Lelands

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