Classic Lou Fine Green Mask Cover on Mystery Men Comics #3 Hits $11,611 at Comic Connect Auction

Classic Lou Fine Green Mask Cover on Mystery Men Comics #3 Hits $11,611 at Comic Connect Auction

A piece of comic book history is up for grabs at the current auction on Comic Connect. Mystery Men Comics #3, featuring a classic Lou Fine Green Mask cover, has captured the attention of collectors. With a current bid of $11,611 and 11 bids so far, this item is sure to excite fans.

Lou Fine's artwork on the cover perfectly demonstrates why he is regarded as one of the most significant comic artists from the Golden Age. In fact, Joe Simon, renowned inker and collaborator with Jack Kirby, even considered Fine as one of his favorite artists. It's no wonder that Jon Berk, an esteemed collector, once exclaimed his love for this particular cover.

Presented as a Larson Pedigree 8.5 edition, making it an excellent addition to any collection, this issue stands out among quality Fox books. Only two non-restored books exist at a higher grade within this title. With white pages adding to its allure, Mystery Men Comics #3 is becoming increasingly rare to find in top condition.

Comic Connect encourages new customers planning to make a first-time purchase over $25,000 to contact them 24 hours ahead of closing time. This ensures smooth transactions and prompt assistance when needed.

Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of comic book history! Join the bidding frenzy and secure your bid before the auction ends on March 17, 2024. Comic Connect promises an enjoyable experience for all collectors seeking remarkable items like Mystery Men Comics #3.

Remember that participating in auctions can be thrilling but should never be taken as an investment recommendation. Collecting comics is a passion enjoyed by many enthusiasts around the world. Good luck to all bidders and happy collecting!


Platform : Comic Connect

Latest Bid : $11,611

Number of Bids : 11

Auction End : Mar 17, 2024

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Source : Comic Connect

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