Christie's Auction: Stunning HORST P. HORST Male Nude Print Commands $10,000 for Latest Bid

Christie's Auction: Stunning HORST P. HORST Male Nude Print Commands $10,000 for Latest Bid

In the world of art auctions, Christie's is a name that resonates with elegance and prestige. And currently at their auction, an exquisite piece by the renowned artist HORST P. HORST is garnering attention. Titled "Male Nude with Hands Behind Buttocks," this platinum-palladium print from 1952 showcases the artist's exceptional talent.

The image captures the beauty of the male form, with hands gracefully tucked behind the subject's buttocks. Measuring 19¼ x 14⅞ inches (48.9 x 37.8 cm), this striking artwork is presented on a larger sheet measuring 22½ x 16⅜ inches (57.1 x 41.5 cm).

Authenticity is assured as the print is signed in pencil on the margin and also exhibits HORST P. HORST's signature and edition number '15/25' on the verso. It belongs to a limited edition of only twenty-five prints, making it truly special and rare.

As art enthusiasts around the world recognize its allure, bidding for this remarkable piece has intensified at Christie's auction house. With a best bid currently standing at $10,000 from 43 bidders, it reflects the tremendous value placed upon this captivating artwork.

Enthusiasts eager to acquire this outstanding creation must act swiftly as the auction will conclude on February 28th, 2024. Whether one is an ardent collector or simply appreciates artistry at its finest, this masterpiece by HORST P. HORST promises to be a prized possession that evokes intrigue and admiration for generations to come.

As the auction at Christie's draws to a close, anticipation builds for which passionate bidder will emerge victorious in acquiring this extraordinary male nude print by iconic artist HORST P. HORST. With its timeless beauty and undeniable craftsmanship, this artwork represents an exceptional opportunity for art connoisseurs to enhance their collections and revel in the allure of true artistic genius.

HORST P. HORST (1906–1999) | Male Nude with Hands Behind Buttocks, 1952

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : $10,000

Number of Bids : 43

Auction End : Feb 28, 2024

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Source : Christie's

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