Christie's Auction Sees Monument to a Small Boy Fetch $11,000

Christie's Auction Sees Monument to a Small Boy Fetch $11,000

A captivating piece titled "Monument to a small boy" by renowned artist Radcliffe Bailey is currently up for auction at Christie's. This mixed-media artwork combines various elements including a painted door, wood, plastic, paper collage, rope, dried flowers, metal, and electric lighting. With dimensions of 82 x 46 x 6 inches (208.3 x 116.8 x 15.2 cm), the artwork was executed circa 1993.

After attracting bids from art enthusiasts, the latest bid has reached an impressive $11,000 with a total of eight bids placed so far. The auction is set to conclude on February 27, 2024, providing interested buyers with ample time to participate in this remarkable event.

Bailey's "Monument to a small boy" stands as a testament to his artistic prowess and ability to evoke emotional responses through his creations. The combination of contrasting materials and textures in this piece creates an intriguing visual experience that captivates viewers.

Art lovers drawn to thought-provoking and multi-dimensional works will find themselves enamored by this unique composition. The use of delicate dried flowers adds a touch of fragility and impermanence to the artwork while the electric lighting casts an ethereal glow upon the intricately crafted details.

Christie's remains at the forefront of hosting notable auctions like these that bring together exceptional artworks with passionate collectors seeking extraordinary pieces for their collections. As the bidding continues, anticipation builds surrounding who will secure this remarkable artwork for their own.

With its significant bid count and growing interest from art enthusiasts worldwide, Radcliffe Bailey's "Monument to a small boy" proves once again why his artworks are highly sought after and cherished within the contemporary art world. Don't miss this opportunity to witness Bailey's masterful craftsmanship firsthand at Christie's ongoing auction.

RADCLIFFE BAILEY (1968-2023) | Monument to a small boy

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : $11,000

Number of Bids : 8

Auction End : Feb 27, 2024

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Source : Christie's

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