Christie's Auction House Presents: Stunning Street Scene by Anton Goubau

Christie's Auction House Presents: Stunning Street Scene by Anton Goubau

A captivating street scene by the renowned artist Anton Goubau is currently up for auction at Christie's. The painting, attributed to Goubau, depicts bustling peddlers and enchanting animals in the foreground, with an exquisite view of Rome through an arch in the background. Painted with oil on canvas, this remarkable piece measures 42 1/8 x 52 1/2 inches (107 x 132.7 cm).

With the auction's end date set for Feb 02, 2024, art enthusiasts have the opportunity to bid on this magnificent artwork. As of now, the latest bid stands at an impressive $24,000. Although there have been no competing bids yet, it is expected that such a remarkable piece will attract significant attention from collectors and connoisseurs alike.

Anton Goubau (1616-1698) was a prominent Antwerp artist known for his ability to capture lifelike scenes and picturesque landscapes accurately. His works often transported viewers to various settings, showcasing impeccable detail and masterful technique.

This particular street scene exemplifies Goubau's mastery of composition and his talent for imbuing everyday life with beauty and charm. The inclusion of peddlers interacting with local residents and their animals adds depth and vitality to the painting. Moreover, the backdrop of Rome seen through the arch provides a sense of grandeur that elevates the overall ambiance of this stunning artwork.

Art enthusiasts seeking to add a timeless masterpiece to their collection should not miss this extraordinary opportunity. With its rich history and undeniable aesthetic appeal, this attributed work by Anton Goubau promises to be an exceptional addition to any discerning collector's repertoire.

So visit Christie's today and explore your chance to own this captivating Anton Goubau street scene—an artistic gem that encapsulates both history and charm in one remarkable masterpiece.

ATTRIBUTED TO ANTON GOUBAU (ANTWERP 1616-1698) | A street scene with peddlers and animals in the foreground, a view of Rome through the arch beyond

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : $24,000

Auction End : Feb 02, 2024

Source : Christie's

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