Christie's Auction House: Late Louis XV Ormolu Two-Branch Wall-Lights Garnering High Bids

Christie's Auction House: Late Louis XV Ormolu Two-Branch Wall-Lights Garnering High Bids

Two pairs of exquisite late Louis XV ormolu two-branch wall-lights are currently up for auction at Christie's. With its intricate design and breathtaking craftsmanship, this circa 1765 piece is a shining example of the elegance of the era. Each wall-light features two S-scroll branches surrounding a flaming urn finial on a stepped plinth adorned with foliate swags. The lights have been expertly fitted for electricity, adding a modern touch to their classic beauty.

As collectors and enthusiasts vie for this exceptional item, bidding has reached an impressive $11,000, attracting 23 bids so far. With each bid, excitement grows among those hoping to own a piece of history and display it in their homes or collections.

The larger pair stands at an impressive 16 inches (41 cm) in height, excluding the fitments. Its luxurious presence and delicate details make it a captivating addition to any interior space. The attention to detail and expert craftsmanship showcased in these wall-lights are sure to captivate art connoisseurs.

With the auction set to end on February 2nd, 2024, there is still time for interested parties to participate in the bidding process and potentially secure these remarkable wall-lights. Christie's prestigious platform offers discerning buyers a chance to acquire extraordinary pieces that showcase the grandeur of past eras.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to own a pair of late Louis XV ormolu two-branch wall-lights from circa 1765. Place your bids now and experience the allure of exquisite craftsmanship at Christie's Auction House.


Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : $11,000

Number of Bids : 23

Auction End : Feb 02, 2024

Source : Christie's

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