Christie's Auction House Features Qian Xuan's Signature Piece with a Current Bid of HK$30,000

Christie's Auction House Features Qian Xuan's Signature Piece with a Current Bid of HK$30,000

Renowned auction house, Christie's, is currently showcasing an exquisite artwork by Qian Xuan from the 18th-19th century. The captivating hanging scroll, titled "Plum Blossom, Bamboo and Birds," is crafted using ink and colors on silk, measuring 87 x 40.5 cm (34 1/4 x 16 in). The piece bears the artist's signature and features a partial seal at the bottom right corner.

With its delicate depiction of plum blossoms, bamboo, and birds, this artwork exemplifies Qian Xuan's singular artistic style. The elegant brushwork and vibrant colors portray nature's beauty in all its splendor. This masterpiece showcases Qian Xuan's profound talent and mastery of traditional Chinese painting techniques.

At present, the latest bid for this remarkable artwork stands at HK$30,000. However, it is important to note that there have been no previous bids registered yet. Collectors and art enthusiasts alike are encouraged to participate in this auction before it concludes on March 6, 2024.

Christie's continues its legacy of curating exceptional pieces of art from various periods and regions worldwide. With their renowned reputation as an esteemed auction house, they provide a platform for collectors to acquire truly remarkable artworks such as Qian Xuan's "Plum Blossom, Bamboo and Birds."

Art lovers are invited to explore Christie's website for more details about this mesmerizing painting by Qian Xuan. Whether one seeks to enhance their art collection or appreciates the timeless charm of Chinese artistry, this captivating piece offers a unique opportunity to own a treasure from centuries past.

In conclusion, Christie's Auction House presents an exquisite hanging scroll by Qian Xuan titled "Plum Blossom, Bamboo and Birds," featuring the artist's signature. With a current bid of HK$30,000 and the auction concluding on March 6, 2024, this artwork is a testament to Qian Xuan's mastery of traditional Chinese painting techniques. Art enthusiasts have an incredible opportunity to acquire this remarkable piece through Christie's prestigious platform.

WITH SIGNATURE OF QIAN XUAN (18TH-19TH CENTURY) | Plum Blossom, Bamboo and Birds

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : HK$30,000

Auction End : Mar 06, 2024

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Source : Christie's

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