Chinese Calligraphy by Zheng Xiaoxu Fetches HK$30,000 at Christie's Auction

Chinese Calligraphy by Zheng Xiaoxu Fetches HK$30,000 at Christie's Auction

A stunning piece of Chinese calligraphy by renowned artist Zheng Xiaoxu (1860-1938) is currently up for auction at Christie's. This exquisite work is a hanging scroll, featuring ink on paper and measuring 135.5 x 67 cm.

Dated to the autumn of the guihai year (1923), this calligraphy in regular script showcases Zheng Xiaoxu's mastery of brushstrokes and composition. The artwork is inscribed and signed by the artist, complete with two seals that authenticate its provenance.

With an auction end date set for March 6, 2024, the latest bid for this remarkable piece stands at an impressive HK$30,000. While no prior bids have been made, anticipation is building among collectors and art enthusiasts for this coveted item.

Zheng Xiaoxu was a notable figure in Chinese calligraphy, known for his skillful execution and contributions to the art form. His works are highly sought after, commanding attention in the art market. The current bid reflects the value placed on his talent and artistic legacy.

Christie's prestigious reputation as an auction house makes it an ideal platform for showcasing valuable artworks such as this calligraphy piece. Collectors from around the world will have an opportunity to acquire a significant masterpiece created by one of China's most esteemed artists.

As the bidding continues until March 6th, interested buyers can seize the chance to own a truly remarkable piece of Chinese calligraphy from Zheng Xiaoxu. With its historical significance and artistic excellence, this artwork represents a unique opportunity amidst the vibrant auction scene at Christie's.

ZHENG XIAOXU (1860-1938) | Calligraphy in Regular Script

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : HK$30,000

Auction End : Mar 06, 2024

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Source : Christie's

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