Calligraphy by Ouyang Zhongshi at Christie's Up for Auction

Calligraphy by Ouyang Zhongshi at Christie's Up for Auction

A stunning piece of calligraphy created by renowned artist Ouyang Zhongshi is currently up for auction at Christie's. The scroll, mounted for framing and inked on paper, measures an impressive 96 x 243 cm. Inscribed and signed by the artist, the artwork also bears one of his seals. Dated to spring of the wuyin year in 1998, this exquisite piece is a testament to Ouyang Zhongshi's mastery of the art form.

With an auction end date set for March 6, 2024, this captivating calligraphy piece has drawn the attention of art enthusiasts and collectors alike. While no bids have been placed so far, the current bid stands at HK$35,000. As the bidding progresses, it will be intriguing to see who emerges with the best bid for this remarkable artwork.

Ouyang Zhongshi (1928-2020) was a highly esteemed Chinese calligrapher known for his mastery of traditional Chinese characters and brushwork techniques. Throughout his career, he demonstrated an exceptional ability to capture beauty and fluidity through ink strokes. This particular piece showcases his artistic brilliance and represents a significant addition to any collection.

Christie's, one of the world's leading auction houses, continues its tradition of curating exceptional artworks by hosting this prestigious sale. Collectors have come to trust Christie's as a premier destination for acquiring rare treasures from various periods and cultures. With their platform facilitating international bidding opportunities, art lovers from across the globe can participate in this exciting auction.

As time ticks closer to the auction end date, anticipation builds among those captivated by Ouyang Zhongshi's calligraphic masterpiece. With its unparalleled size and impeccable execution, this artwork is sure to ignite fierce bidding competition among collectors seeking to own a piece imbued with cultural depth and artistic skill. As the auction progresses, art enthusiasts eagerly await the final bid that will determine who will become the proud owner of this remarkable Ouyang Zhongshi creation.

OUYANG ZHONGSHI (1928-2020) | Calligraphy

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : HK$35,000

Auction End : Mar 06, 2024

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Source : Christie's

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