Bloodied SFX Skull Burst Bust from Wishmaster (1997) Available for $3,925

Bloodied SFX Skull Burst Bust from Wishmaster (1997) Available for $3,925

A gruesome prop from Robert Kurtzman's horror film Wishmaster is now on the market. The SFX skull burst bust, used during a terrifying scene in the movie, features silicone skin with a bloodied fiberglass skull. Despite some signs of wear from production use and age, including tears to the silicone skin and dried faux blood staining throughout, this artifact is in good overall condition. Prop enthusiasts can now own a piece of cinematic history for the list price of $3,925.

The bone-chilling prop comes straight from the prologue of Wishmaster, set in 1127 at a Persian palace. As horrors unfold, a skeleton dramatically separates itself from its body. This special effects bust captures that haunting moment with impeccable detail. Crafted with silicone skin and a dark brown beard appliance over a bloodied fiberglass skull, this artifact stands as a testament to the artistry behind practical effects in horror films.

What makes this prop truly unique is its intricate rigging system. Cables are ingeniously hidden within the bust to allow controlled movement and simulate the pumping of blood through the gaping wound. It's an impressive feat of engineering that adds an extra layer of authenticity to this spine-chilling collectible.

Though it bears some marks of its long history in production use and aging process, these imperfections only enhance its value as an authentic piece of cinema memorabilia. Tears on the silicone skin and dried faux blood stains serve as reminders of its role in creating horrifying scenes that left audiences on edge.

For fans of Wishmaster or collectors looking for macabre artifacts, this SFX skull burst bust offers a rare opportunity to own a significant piece from horror film history. The prop's availability on Propstore allows enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of practical effects and appreciate the craftsmanship behind creating spine-tingling moments on the silver screen.

In conclusion, the bloodied SFX skull burst bust from Wishmaster (1997) presents an exciting opportunity for horror film aficionados and prop collectors alike. With its detailed craftsmanship, unique rigging system, and signs of wear that add to its authenticity, this artifact brings a touch of horror magic into any collection. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of cinematic history for a list price of $3,925.

WISHMASTER (1997) - Bloodied SFX Skull Burst Bust

Platform : Propstore

Price : $3,925

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