BLADE (1998) Hero Daywalker Sword Hits Market with $20,000 Price Tag

BLADE (1998) Hero Daywalker Sword Hits Market with $20,000 Price Tag

The iconic hero daywalker sword wielded by Wesley Snipes in the 1998 action horror film BLADE is up for grabs. This highly coveted cultural asset, listed on Propstore, offers fans a chance to own a piece of cinematic history.

Bidding for this unique lot will end on Wednesday, June 28th, making it a limited-time opportunity for collectors to acquire an extraordinary item. The sword played a significant role in the movie as Blade battled his nemesis, Deacon Frost, after transforming into the blood god La Magra.

Originally sourced from a member of the film's prop department, this metal sword features an aluminum blade inset into a ribbed, machined aluminum grip. With its black and silver-color paint finish, the round grip showcases vertical grooves that separate ribbed rings adorned with ornate embossed vampiric glyphs at the top and bottom.

With its rich history and connection to one of Hollywood's most beloved characters, this asset holds immense value beyond its impressive craftsmanship. As fans tune in to the live streaming broadcast of the auction on June 28th, excitement builds over who will become the proud owner of Blade's iconic weapon.

Propstore has established itself as a premier destination for acquiring remarkable props from popular movies. Their reputation for providing authentic pieces adds credibility to the listing and assures potential buyers that they are investing in an exceptional item.

While this lot may be out of reach for some enthusiasts due to its list price of $20,000, it undoubtedly represents an extraordinary opportunity for avid collectors or die-hard fans looking to own a true piece of cinematic history. The chance to hold such an iconic prop associated with Wesley Snipes' legendary portrayal of Blade is truly priceless.

In conclusion, BLADE (1998) - Lot #65 - Blade's Hero Daywalker Sword offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a cultural asset that holds both sentimental and historical significance. This extraordinary item, listed on Propstore, allows fans to bring home a piece of the iconic Blade franchise and forever cherish their connection to this beloved character.

BLADE (1998) - Lot #65 - Blade's (Wesley Snipes) Hero Daywalker Sword

Platform : Propstore

Price : $20,000

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Source : Propstore

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