Birdsong and Floral Fragrance Scroll by Zhao Shao'ang Up for Auction at Christie's

Birdsong and Floral Fragrance Scroll by Zhao Shao'ang Up for Auction at Christie's

An exquisite piece titled "Birdsong and Floral Fragrance" by renowned artist Zhao Shao'ang is currently being auctioned at Christie's. This beautiful scroll, measuring 24 x 27.2 cm, features ink and color on gold paper, mounted on cardboard for framing. It is dated back to the second month of the renyin year (1962) and is inscribed, signed, and bears the artist's seal.

The delicate artwork is dedicated to Madam Wanhui and comes with an additional inscription and signature by the artist on the reverse side, accompanied by another seal. With its intricate details and vibrant colors, this piece showcases Zhao Shao'ang's mastery of his craft.

As of now, the latest bid for this remarkable artwork stands at HK$28,000. Bidders have a chance to acquire this exceptional creation until March 6th, 2024 when the auction will come to a close. Christie's offers art enthusiasts an opportunity to own a unique piece by one of China's most celebrated artists.

Attendees are invited to explore the intricacies within "Birdsong and Floral Fragrance," allowing themselves to be transported into a world where nature harmoniously converges with artistic expression. Don't miss your chance to own this masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of beauty in every brushstroke.

The current bid speaks volumes about the value placed on Zhao Shao'ang's work. As collectors vie for this prized creation, anticipation grows as to who will ultimately secure this enchanting artwork filled with birdsong and floral fragrance.

In summary, Christie's presents art aficionados with the opportunity to acquire Zhao Shao'ang's mesmerizing piece titled "Birdsong and Floral Fragrance." With its current bid reaching HK$28,000, this exquisite scroll embodies the artist's talent and creativity. Interested buyers have until March 6th, 2024 to participate in this captivating auction and potentially become the proud owner of this captivating artwork.

ZHAO SHAO'ANG (1905-1998) | Birdsong and Floral Fragrance

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : HK$28,000

Auction End : Mar 06, 2024

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Source : Christie's

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