Benjamin Franklin Signed Payment Document up for Auction on Goldin

Benjamin Franklin Signed Payment Document up for Auction on Goldin

A remarkable piece of American history, a payment document signed by Benjamin Franklin is currently up for auction on Goldin. Dated June 21st, 1787, this letter showcases Franklin's influential role in the founding of the United States. With an impressive JSA Auto 9 LOA authentication, this 6.5 x 8 document holds immense value.

The document features Franklin's exquisite flowing quill ink black signature, solidifying his historical significance as a Founding Father and "The First American." As Minister to France, Franklin played a crucial role in uniting the colonies against British tyranny and ensuring the survival of the fledgling republic through his political prowess.

What adds further intrigue to this payment document is the inclusion of David Rittenhouse's signature. Rittenhouse, renowned Philadelphian and first director of the United States Mint, adds significance to this piece of history.

With 11 bids placed so far, the latest bid stands at an impressive $10,500. The auction on Goldin is set to end on February 17, 2024. As collectors and history enthusiasts eagerly vie for this priceless artifact, its deep historical significance and connection to Benjamin Franklin make it a highly sought-after item.

This Benjamin Franklin signed payment document encapsulates a pivotal juncture in American history. Its presence at auction presents a unique opportunity for inpiduals to own a tangible piece of our nation's past. Visit Goldin today to be part of this historic bidding action and potentially secure a remarkable piece linked to one of America's greatest statesmen and intellectuals – Benjamin Franklin.

June 21st, 1787 - Benjamin Franklin Signed Payment Document - 6.5 x 8 - JSA Auto 9 LOA

Platform : Goldin

Latest Bid : $10,500

Number of Bids : 11

Auction End : Feb 17, 2024

Source : Goldin

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