Antique Winchester Model 1892 Generates High Bid on Hindman Auction House

Antique Winchester Model 1892 Generates High Bid on Hindman Auction House

An antique Winchester Model 1892 rifle currently up for auction on Hindman has attracted significant attention, with the latest bid standing at $1,000. Manufactured in 1898, this .44-40 WCF lever action rifle features a blued metal finish and a two-piece walnut stock. The firearm boasts a 24" octagonal barrel length and is equipped with an adjustable notch rear sight, blade front sight, and full tube magazine. The item bears the serial number 164045.

The auction is held by Hindman, a reputable auction house known for its wide range of collectibles. This particular lot can be found in Cincinnati and is listed as the property of Dr. K. William Harter from Alexandria, VA.

As of now, nine bids have been placed on this antique Winchester Model 1892 rifle. With the bidding set to end on February 16, 2024, anticipation continues to grow among collectors and enthusiasts alike who are eager to see how high the final bid will go.

The Winchester Model 1892 holds historical significance as one of the iconic firearms produced during the late 19th century. Its timeless design and craftsmanship make it a sought-after piece for collectors interested in American firearms history.

This auction presents an opportunity for collectors to add a piece of history to their collection by acquiring this fine example of a Winchester Model 1892 rifle. With its notable features and excellent condition considering its age, this firearm is sure to be a prized possession for any discerning collector.

Whether purchased as an investment or for personal enjoyment, the antique Winchester Model 1892 offered through Hindman's auction showcases the allure of vintage firearms that continue to captivate enthusiasts worldwide. As time runs out on this auction, eager participants eagerly await the final moments that will determine who claims this highly coveted piece of American gun history.

Antique Winchester Model 1892

Platform : Hindman

Latest Bid : $1,000

Number of Bids : 9

Auction End : Feb 16, 2024

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Source : Hindman

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