Amazing Fantasy #15: Origin & 1st App of Spider-Man at Auction on Comic Connect

Amazing Fantasy #15: Origin & 1st App of Spider-Man at Auction on Comic Connect

A highly sought-after collectible, Amazing Fantasy #15 is currently up for auction on Comic Connect. This iconic comic features the origin and first appearance of Spider-Man (Peter Parker), as well as the introduction of Uncle Ben and Aunt May. The book holds a Comic Book Impact rating of 10 (CBI) and is often compared to Action Comics #1 in terms of cultural significance and investment potential.

The cover, designed by Jack Kirby, marks the historic debut of Spider-Man. The interior art was expertly handled by Steve Ditko, who collaborated with co-creator Stan Lee to bring this legendary character to life. Notably, the story introduced the concept of a relatable Everyman behind the superhero mask, adding depth and complexity to Spider-Man's character.

This particular copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 is impressively well-preserved, with striking colors for its grade of 5.5. Unlike many other copies, it showcases a cover free from the commonly found Marvel chipping issue. The opportunity to acquire such a desirable comic in excellent condition should not be missed.

As of now, bidding stands at a remarkable $10,500, with a total of 14 bids placed. Collectors and enthusiasts alike have recognized the tremendous value this item holds within the world of comics.

Comic Connect serves as an ideal platform for procuring rare and valuable items like Amazing Fantasy #15. With an auction end date set for March 19, 2024, interested buyers have ample time to participate in this highly anticipated event.

Don't miss your chance to be part of Spider-Man's foundational story – place your bid now on Comic Connect!


Platform : Comic Connect

Latest Bid : $10,500

Number of Bids : 14

Auction End : Mar 19, 2024

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Source : Comic Connect

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