$7,000 2007 Topps Football #102 Shaun Alexander/ # 1/12 Hits the Market

$7,000 2007 Topps Football #102 Shaun Alexander/ # 1/12 Hits the Market

A limited edition 2007 Topps Football card featuring Shaun Alexander is currently available for purchase. With a list price of $7,000, this rare collectible is causing a stir in the market. The card, numbered 1 out of only 12 produced, holds immense value for avid collectors and football enthusiasts alike.

Shaun Alexander, a former NFL running back known for his exceptional skills and achievements, is immortalized in this highly sought-after trading card. Released by Topps in 2007, this particular edition showcases Alexander in all his glory. The meticulously designed card captures his iconic presence on the field and serves as a nostalgic reminder of his illustrious career.

Currently listed on eBay, this cultural asset has garnered attention from collectors worldwide. Its scarcity and the fact that it is part of a limited edition series make it an enticing investment opportunity for those passionate about sports memorabilia.

With a price tag of $7,000, the demand for this exclusive piece continues to rise. As more collectors recognize its significance and rarity, the value of this card is expected to appreciate over time. Whether displayed proudly in one's personal collection or traded within the thriving secondary market, owning this unique piece offers both prestige and potential financial gain.

The allure of sports memorabilia lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its ability to evoke cherished memories and moments from sporting history. This particular trading card encapsulates the essence of Shaun Alexander's remarkable career and serves as a testament to his impact on the game.

In conclusion, the availability of the 2007 Topps Football #102 Shaun Alexander/ # 1/12 trading card presents an exciting opportunity for collectors to acquire a rare piece of football history. Priced at $7,000 and with only twelve copies ever produced, this limited edition card offers both a tangible connection to the sport and the potential for future appreciation in value.

2007 Topps Football #102 Shaun Alexander/ # 1/12

Platform : eBay

Price : $7,000

Source : brathr-79 on eBay

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