$50,000 Hermès Mahjong Set Makes a Luxurious Statement

$50,000 Hermès Mahjong Set Makes a Luxurious Statement

Luxury fashion brand Hermès has unveiled its latest cultural asset, the Ébène Palissander Rosewood and Swift Helios Mahjong Set. Priced at $50,000, this exquisite set is now available on the secondary market at Sotheby's. The set includes 144 printed leather tiles, 4 blank tiles, 20 scoring sticks, and four dice. As a final sale item, it is not eligible for return.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the Hermès mahjong set showcases the brand's commitment to luxury and elegance. Made from Ébène Palissander rosewood and swift helios leather, each tile is a work of art in itself. The intricate design and impeccable craftsmanship elevate this traditional game into a true collector's item.

For enthusiasts looking to add a touch of opulence to their gaming experience, this Hermès mahjong set offers an unparalleled level of sophistication. With its luxurious materials and meticulous craftsmanship, it undoubtedly stands out as a statement piece that combines both functionality and style.

The inclusion of 144 printed leather tiles allows players to enjoy countless hours of gameplay while indulging in the beauty of each inpidual tile. Additionally, the set comes with four blank tiles for customization purposes. Whether one is an experienced player or new to the game, this Hermès set promises an unforgettable playing experience.

Aspiring owners should take note that this exquisite mahjong set is exclusively available on Sotheby's secondary market platform. With its limited availability and high price point of $50,000, it caters to those who appreciate rare and exceptional pieces that reflect their discerning taste.

In conclusion, the Hermès Ébène Palissander Rosewood and Swift Helios Mahjong Set presents an opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts alike to own a truly remarkable cultural asset. Its combination of luxurious materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and unique design make it a standout piece in the world of high-end gaming. With its availability on the secondary market, it is a rare find that reflects both exclusivity and refinement.

Hermès - Ébène Palissander Rosewood and Swift Helios Mahjong Set

Platform : Sotheby's

Price : $50,000

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Source : Sotheby's

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