$25,000 Complete Nonesuch Dickens Collection with Original Dust Jackets Available at Sotheby's

$25,000 Complete Nonesuch Dickens Collection with Original Dust Jackets Available at Sotheby's

One of the most fully realized and beautifully executed collections of Charles Dickens' works is currently on the market. The Complete Nonesuch Dickens collection, designed by Francis Meynell, is a set of 24 books edited by Arthur Waugh and Hugh Walpole. Published by the Nonesuch Press in 1937-1938, this uncommonly complete and exquisitely preserved set comes with original packing material and documents, as well as rare dust jackets that are likely original.

Each book in the collection is illustrated in black-and-white throughout and ranges from 130 to 928 pages. Housed in an original purple buckram box wrapped in blue paper, the set also includes a woodblock and matted print. A letter of authenticity and a letter on “Australian Book Co.” letterhead addressed to Leonard George are laid inside.

With its impeccable preservation and historical significance, this Charles Dickens collection is truly a cultural asset. Sotheby's is currently offering this unique treasure for a list price of $25,000.

Owning this remarkable collection allows literature enthusiasts to delve into the timeless world created by Charles Dickens. From Oliver Twist to Great Expectations, readers can immerse themselves in his captivating narratives and vivid characters.

The rarity of finding such a complete set with original dust jackets adds to its allure for collectors. Each book tells a story not only through its content but also through its physicality – from the elegant design by Francis Meynell to the woodblock prints that accompany them.

Aspiring owners will appreciate the added value of having the original packing material and documents intact. These elements provide insight into the history and provenance of each book, enhancing their overall significance as cultural artifacts.

For those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and literary excellence, this Complete Nonesuch Dickens collection offers an opportunity to own a piece of history. Its availability at Sotheby's presents a chance to acquire an extraordinary cultural asset that will be cherished for generations to come.

In conclusion, the Complete Nonesuch Dickens collection is a rare find in the market. With its impeccable preservation, original dust jackets, and historical significance, this set of Charles Dickens' works is a must-have for collectors and literature enthusiasts alike. Don't miss the opportunity to own this remarkable cultural asset available at Sotheby's for $25,000.

Charles Dickens - The Complete Nonesuch Dickens

Platform : Sotheby's

Price : $25,000

Source : Sotheby's

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