$22,000 Tennessee Williams' Signed "A Streetcar Named Desire" Available at Sotheby's

$22,000 Tennessee Williams' Signed "A Streetcar Named Desire" Available at Sotheby's

A signed first printing of Tennessee Williams' iconic play, "A Streetcar Named Desire," is currently up for sale. The play, known for its portrayal of the broken dreams of a Southern belle, was a hit on Broadway and later adapted into an acclaimed film. With a list price of $22,000, this rare piece of literary history is bound to captivate collectors and theater enthusiasts alike.

Williams's most enduring work, "A Streetcar Named Desire," continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of theater and film. The play's success on Broadway with actors Jessica Tandy and Marlon Brando propelled it to new heights, earning critical acclaim and commercial success. Brando's performance in the subsequent film adaptation garnered him his first Oscar nomination.

The signed copy available at Sotheby's comes in a beautiful Lustig-designed dust jacket, adding to its allure as a collector's item. The original pink pictorial boards feature a design by Alvin Lustig that echoes the imagery found on the dust jacket. This attention to detail enhances the aesthetic appeal of the asset.

With its rich history and cultural significance, owning a signed first printing of "A Streetcar Named Desire" offers enthusiasts an opportunity to connect with one of Tennessee Williams' most celebrated works. This particular edition holds additional value due to its association with both the original stage production and subsequent film adaptation.

Aspiring collectors or avid fans will appreciate the chance to own such a unique piece of literary history. The availability of this asset at Sotheby's provides an exclusive opportunity for inpiduals interested in investing in cultural artifacts.

In conclusion, Tennessee Williams' timeless masterpiece "A Streetcar Named Desire" continues to enchant audiences worldwide. The opportunity to possess a signed first printing is truly remarkable and serves as a testament to Williams' enduring legacy in the world of theater. With a list price of $22,000, this asset available at Sotheby's is sure to attract enthusiastic bidders looking to add a significant piece of literary history to their collection.

Tennessee Williams - A Streetcar Named Desire

Platform : Sotheby's

Price : $22,000

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