$21,000 Christopher Makos - Andy In Curly Wig Contact Sheet Available on the Market

$21,000 Christopher Makos - Andy In Curly Wig Contact Sheet Available on the Market

An intriguing piece of art that captures the essence of the iconic Andy Warhol is currently up for grabs. The Christopher Makos - Andy In Curly Wig Contact Sheet, dating back to 1981, offers a unique glimpse into Warhol's world. This original vintage gelatin silver print showcases the legendary artist donning a curly wig, adding a touch of whimsy to his persona. With its historical significance and artistic appeal, this contact sheet is a must-have for any serious collector.

Created by Christopher Makos, an American photographer born in 1948, this one-of-a-kind piece provides a rare opportunity to own a part of pop culture history. Each photograph on the contact sheet captures a different angle and expression of Warhol, allowing viewers to delve into his enigmatic personality. The vintage gelatin silver print adds an authentic touch, further enhancing its value as a cultural asset.

To authenticate its origin and ensure exclusivity, the contact sheet is signed by Makos himself in pencil on the reverse side. This distinctive feature not only confirms its legitimacy but also adds an element of personal connection between the artist and the owner. It serves as a testament to Makos' artistic vision and his close relationship with Warhol during their collaboration.

Currently available unframed through Sotheby's secondary market platform, this extraordinary piece offers art enthusiasts and collectors alike an opportunity to add an unparalleled gem to their collection. Priced at $21,000, it reflects both its historical significance and artistic merit. Whether you are a fan of Warhol or simply appreciate captivating artwork, this contact sheet is sure to make a statement in any curated space.

The Christopher Makos - Andy In Curly Wig Contact Sheet embodies the spirit of creativity and innovation that defined both Warhol's work and the era he dominated. Its presence in the market provides a unique opportunity for collectors to own a tangible piece of art history. With its iconic subject, vintage authenticity, and the artistic vision of Christopher Makos, this contact sheet is an investment that not only captures the essence of Warhol but also celebrates his enduring legacy.

In conclusion, the Christopher Makos - Andy In Curly Wig Contact Sheet stands as a testament to both the artistic genius of Andy Warhol and the talent of Christopher Makos. Its historical significance, combined with its visual appeal, makes it a truly remarkable cultural asset. As it awaits its new owner in the market, this captivating piece serves as a reminder of the profound impact Warhol had on contemporary art and culture.

Christopher Makos - Andy In Curly Wig Contact Sheet

Platform : Sotheby's

Price : $21,000

Source : Sotheby's

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