$21,000 Christopher Makos - Andy In Curly Wig Contact Sheet: A Captivating Piece of Artistic History

$21,000 Christopher Makos - Andy In Curly Wig Contact Sheet: A Captivating Piece of Artistic History

Christopher Makos captures a unique moment with his vintage gelatin silver print of Andy Warhol in a curly wig. The original contact sheet from 1981 is signed by Makos himself and remains unframed. Currently available on the market through Sotheby's, this intriguing cultural asset offers a glimpse into the iconic world of Warhol and Makos. The price tag of $21,000 reflects the value placed on this captivating piece of artistic history.

Makos, an American artist born in 1948, expertly captures Warhol's enigmatic persona in this photograph. Warhol, known for his role as a leading figure in the Pop Art movement, is presented here in a playful and distinctive manner. The curly wig adds an element of intrigue to the image, further highlighting Warhol's fascination with self-representation.

The vintage gelatin silver print brings depth and texture to the contact sheet, enhancing its visual appeal. Its uniqueness is emphasized by the fact that it is one-of-a-kind, making it a truly special acquisition for any art collector or enthusiast.

The pencil signature on the reverse of the contact sheet adds an authentic touch to this remarkable piece. It serves as a testament to both Makos' involvement in its creation and his appreciation for capturing memorable moments in time.

While unframed, this allows for personalization when displaying the artwork. Whether it be showcased alone or incorporated into a larger collection, its presence will undoubtedly command attention and spark conversation.

Sotheby's serves as the platform for acquiring this extraordinary cultural asset. With its reputation as one of the premier auction houses worldwide, Sotheby's ensures that buyers have access to exceptional pieces such as this contact sheet.

Priced at $21,000, this Christopher Makos - Andy In Curly Wig Contact Sheet represents a rare opportunity to own a tangible piece of art history. Its significance lies not only in the subject matter, but also in the artistic vision and skill behind its creation. As an investment or simply as an appreciation for the beauty and intrigue it offers, this cultural asset is a captivating addition to any collection.

Christopher Makos - Andy In Curly Wig Contact Sheet

Platform : Sotheby's

Price : $21,000

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Source : Sotheby's

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