$20,000 John Thomson - Street Life in London: A Pioneering Photographic Study

$20,000 John Thomson - Street Life in London: A Pioneering Photographic Study

A first edition masterpiece combining hard-hitting street photography and documentary-style prose is available at Sotheby's.

John Thomson's groundbreaking work, "Street Life in London: With Permanent Photographic Illustrations Taken from Life Expressly for this Publication," offers a unique insight into Victorian London. This remarkable collection features 37 Woodburytype photographs meticulously mounted to 36 leaves, capturing the essence of the bustling streets.

The collaboration between Thomson, a Scottish photographer, and Adolphe Smith, a British author, resulted in an important monthly publication that revolutionized photojournalism. Combining posed but impactful street photography with insightful writing, this book pioneered the genre and set new standards for visual storytelling.

Thomson's journey began in the Far East from 1862 to 1872 when he captured some of the finest early photographic images of the region. After returning to Britain, he teamed up with Smith to create this extraordinary work that delves deep into the social fabric of London.

The craftsmanship of this edition is unparalleled. Bound in half blue calf and marbled boards with a gilt spine and morocco label, it showcases exquisite attention to detail. The book spans 100 pages and measures 4to.

With its historical significance and artistic merit, "Street Life in London" is not just a cultural asset but also an investment opportunity. Its list price of $20,000 reflects its value as a rare piece of photojournalistic history.

If you are an avid collector or someone passionate about history and photography, do not miss the chance to own this exceptional work. Head over to Sotheby's now for your opportunity to acquire John Thomson's iconic "Street Life in London."

John Thomson - Street Life in London

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Price : $20,000

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