£2,495 Security Team Stunt Shotgun from Prometheus Available in the Market

£2,495 Security Team Stunt Shotgun from Prometheus Available in the Market

A security team stunt shotgun used in Ridley Scott's Prometheus is now available for purchase. This modified Benelli M3T Super 90 features a bright orange-painted stock and remains in excellent condition. Restricted ownership applies for UK residents. The prop can be found on Propstore with further details upon inquiry. As with any imitation firearm, it is essential for buyers to check the legal status and importation regulations in their country before ordering.

The security team stunt shotgun from the sci-fi prequel Prometheus has become a fascinating cultural asset available to collectors and enthusiasts. Used by Chance (Emun Elliot) to kill the mutated Fifield (Sean Harris) during an intense scene in the loading bay, this black hard rubber shotgun made its mark on the film's gripping narrative. Additionally, a security officer wielded this distinctive weapon when defending David (Michael Fassbender) and Weyland (Guy Pearce) against an attack by the Engineer.

Crafted from rubber materials, this replica of a modified Benelli M3T Super 90 showcases minor wear resulting from its production use. However, it remains in excellent condition overall. Notably, the stock of the shotgun boasts a vibrant orange paint that adds to its unique aesthetic appeal. It is worth mentioning that ownership of this imitation firearm within the UK is restricted to registered re-enactors, galleries, or inpiduals involved in film, television, or theatre production.

The availability of this cultural asset can be attributed to Propstore—an established secondary market platform known for offering exclusive collectibles from various films and television series. Priced at £2,495, this security team stunt shotgun provides fans with an opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history while adding a touch of sci-fi flair to their collections.

While enthusiasts eagerly consider adding this unique piece to their collection, it is crucial to note that potential buyers should thoroughly investigate the legal status of this prop within their own country and its importation regulations. Compliance with local laws is essential to ensure a seamless and hassle-free acquisition process.

In conclusion, the security team stunt shotgun from Prometheus offers fans an exciting opportunity to own a notable piece of film memorabilia. With its distinctive orange-painted stock and connection to memorable scenes in Ridley Scott's sci-fi prequel, this prop serves as a captivating addition to any collection. However, it is vital for potential buyers to be aware of the ownership restrictions within the UK and to verify the legal requirements in their country before making a purchase.

PROMETHEUS (2012) - Security Team Stunt Shotgun

Platform : Propstore

Price : £2,495

Source : Propstore

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