1st Generation Colt Python with Adjustable Sight Reaches $1,100 at Hindman Auction

1st Generation Colt Python with Adjustable Sight Reaches $1,100 at Hindman Auction

A 1959 manufactured 1st Generation Colt Python is currently up for auction on Hindman. This .357 Magnum revolver features a 6" barrel length and a blued metal finish. Although the barrel and frame finishes do not match, its checkered walnut grips with gold Colt medallions add an elegant touch. The double-action revolver comes with a vented barrel rib, shrouded extractor rod, and a fluted 6-shot swing-out cylinder.

The latest bid for this remarkable firearm stands at $1,100, attracting the attention of five bidders so far. The auction is set to conclude on March 1, 2024. With its unique features and historical significance, this first-generation Colt Python promises to be a sought-after item among collectors and gun enthusiasts alike.

Hindman, the reputable auction house hosting this event, has curated an exceptional selection of high-quality items throughout the years. This valuable piece from the personal collection of Dr. K. William Harter in Alexandria, VA offers bidders a chance to own a piece of firearm history.

Whether one is an avid collector or simply appreciates fine craftsmanship, this 1st Generation Colt Python captures the essence of American gun-making excellence. Soaring bids indicate the widespread interest in this iconic revolver as it continues to make waves in the market.

From its adjustable notch rear sight to its blade front sight, every detail of this Colt Python showcases precision engineering that stands the test of time. As bidders vie for ownership of this vintage masterpiece, anticipation grows surrounding who will secure their claim on such an esteemed firearm.

With its provenance traced back to Dr. K. William Harter's collection in Alexandria, VA, potential buyers can rest assured knowing they are acquiring more than just a firearm; they are obtaining a captivating piece of history infused with both elegance and functionality.

As the Hindman auction approaches its closing date, all eyes are on the bidding activity surrounding this 1st Generation Colt Python. Who will emerge as the highest bidder and become the proud owner of this exquisite firearm? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the allure of this iconic revolver continues to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike.

**1st Generation Colt Python

Platform : Hindman

Latest Bid : $1,100

Number of Bids : 5

Auction End : Mar 01, 2024

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Source : Hindman

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