$14,500 David Robinson's Supreme Court Video Game Makes Waves in the Market

$14,500 David Robinson's Supreme Court Video Game Makes Waves in the Market

David Robinson's Supreme Court video game, endorsed by NBA player David Robinson, is capturing attention with its B+ Seal Rating. Released in Japan as "David Robinson Basketball," this unique asset comes packaged with a videotape and poster offer. While it does not feature an official NBA license, the game offers an intriguing alternative for basketball enthusiasts. With its third-party LRB Seam and Sega Blackout Sticker, this Japanese-made gem stands out among collectors. Comic Connect presents this exclusive opportunity to own a piece of gaming history at the list price of $14,500.

The allure of David Robinson's Supreme Court lies in its distinct features. With its B+ Seal Rating, gamers can expect a high-quality experience that showcases the talent and endorsement of NBA legend David Robinson. The inclusion of a videotape and poster offer adds an extra layer of value to this already captivating asset.

It is important to note that while this video game carries the name of an esteemed NBA player, it does not possess an official NBA license. However, this absence does not detract from the excitement surrounding David Robinson's Supreme Court. In fact, collectors are drawn to its uniqueness and rarity within the gaming world.

Made in Japan, this cultural asset exudes quality craftsmanship that has become synonymous with Japanese gaming culture. The third-party LRB Seam ensures durability and longevity for those looking to add this item to their collection.

Comic Connect provides an exclusive platform for enthusiasts to acquire David Robinson's Supreme Court at a list price of $14,500. As one delves into the world of rare gaming artifacts, it becomes clear that this asset holds significant value for both avid gamers and collectors alike.

In conclusion, David Robinson's Supreme Court video game offers an exciting opportunity for inpiduals seeking a distinctive addition to their collection. With its B+ Seal Rating and association with NBA player David Robinson, this Japanese-made gem holds a special place in the gaming world. Comic Connect presents this remarkable asset at a list price of $14,500, providing enthusiasts with an exclusive chance to own a piece of basketball and gaming history.


Platform : Comic Connect

Price : $14,500

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