$12,995 Strange Tales #110: A Cultural Asset of Marvel Comics History

$12,995 Strange Tales #110: A Cultural Asset of Marvel Comics History

The comic book world is abuzz with excitement as the legendary STRANGE TALES (1951-76) #110 hits the market. This cream to off-white paged gem, securely held in a universal holder, features an unrestored Kirby cover that is sure to make any collector's heart skip a beat. But what truly sets this issue apart is its incredible first appearances - Dr. Strange, Ancient One, Nightmare, and Wong. As if that weren't enough, it also marks the inaugural team-up between Paste-Pot Pete and Wizard! With a Comic Book Impact rating of 9 (CBI), this iconic piece of pop culture history is sure to captivate fans and collectors alike.

The asset in question can be found on the renowned Secondary Market platform known for its extensive selection of highly sought-after collectibles. Priced at $12,995, this masterpiece holds immense value for both seasoned enthusiasts and those looking to pe into the exciting world of comic book collecting.

As we delve into the pages of STRANGE TALES (1951-76) #110, we are transported back in time to July 1963 when this groundbreaking issue was first released. Created by the legendary Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, it introduced readers to Doctor Strange, one of Marvel's most enigmatic characters. The mystical tale reveals not only the origins of Dr. Strange but also showcases his mentor, the Ancient One, as well as his arch-nemesis Nightmare. Furthermore, it grants us our first encounter with Wong, Dr. Strange's faithful ally who would become an integral part of his adventures.

However, STRANGE TALES (1951-76) #110 offers more than just the introduction of these iconic characters; it also presents an unexpected team-up between two other notable figures from Marvel's vast universe - Paste-Pot Pete (later known as the Trapster) and the Wizard. This unexpected pairing adds an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling narrative, making this issue a true collector's dream.

With its Comic Book Impact rating of 9 (CBI), STRANGE TALES (1951-76) #110 solidifies its status as a highly valued asset within the comic book community. The universal holder ensures the preservation of this remarkable piece, showcasing its cream to off-white pages in all their glory. And let's not forget the striking Kirby cover, untouched by restoration, which adds an extra touch of authenticity to this cultural treasure.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the world of comic books, STRANGE TALES (1951-76) #110 is an investment that should not be overlooked. Its historical significance, first appearances, and captivating storytelling make it a must-have for any enthusiast. With its list price of $12,995 on the reputable Secondary Market platform, now is your chance to own a genuine piece of Marvel Comics history. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add STRANGE TALES (1951-76) #110 to your collection and experience the magic that sparked countless adventures in the Marvel Universe.

STRANGE TALES (1951-76) #110

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