$11,500 Batman #47 Comic Unveils Detailed Origin and Catwoman Appearance

$11,500 Batman #47 Comic Unveils Detailed Origin and Catwoman Appearance

A comic book from 1940-2011 featuring the first detailed origin of Batman and an appearance by Catwoman is currently available. The white pages Bob Kane cover makes it a valuable asset. Known as BATMAN (1940-2011) #47, this piece of cultural history is listed on the secondary market Comic Connect for a price of $11,500.

The BATMAN (1940-2011) #47 comic book offers collectors and Batman enthusiasts a glimpse into the early days of the iconic superhero. With its white pages and striking Bob Kane cover, this issue holds immense value for fans and collectors alike. Not only does it provide the first detailed origin of Batman, but it also features an appearance by another beloved character, Catwoman.

As one delves into the pages of this vintage comic book, they can witness the captivating storytelling that has made Batman such an enduring cultural icon. The narrative explores the origins of Bruce Wayne's alter ego in a way that had not been previously revealed, adding depth and dimension to the character's backstory. Additionally, readers are treated to an early encounter with Catwoman, further enriching Batman's world.

The scarcity and desirability of BATMAN (1940-2011) #47 make it a prized addition to any collection. Its historical significance within the realm of comics cannot be overstated, as it marks a pivotal moment in Batman's development as a character. With its combination of captivating storytelling and notable appearances by beloved characters like Catwoman, this comic holds immense appeal for both avid collectors and passionate fans.

For those interested in acquiring this remarkable piece of cultural heritage, it is currently available on Comic Connect's secondary market listing. The asking price for BATMAN (1940-2011) #47 is set at $11,500. This investment-worthy asset offers not only a rare and valuable addition to any collection but also an opportunity to own a piece of Batman's rich history.

In conclusion, BATMAN (1940-2011) #47 is a comic book that stands as a testament to the enduring popularity of Batman. With its first detailed origin story and the introduction of Catwoman, this asset holds immense value for both collectors and fans. Its listing on Comic Connect at $11,500 presents an opportunity to acquire a significant cultural artifact that will undoubtedly be cherished by enthusiasts for years to come.

BATMAN (1940-2011) #47

Platform : Comic Connect

Price : $11,500

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