11/27/78 Lynn Swann Jersey Sets High Bid at Lelands Auction

11/27/78 Lynn Swann Jersey Sets High Bid at Lelands Auction

A rare opportunity for football enthusiasts to own a piece of Pittsburgh Steelers history is currently underway at Lelands. The highlight of the auction is an authentic 1978 Lynn Swann Pittsburgh Steelers game worn jersey, showcasing his exceptional performance with season-high stats of 134 yards and 2 touchdowns. With a current bid of $11,253 and counting, collectors are vying for this prized possession from Swann's legendary career.

The white top features the iconic number 88 in black stitching on the front, sleeves, and back. The jersey displays signs of wear with pilling inside, loose threads, and a team repair on the back. What sets this particular item apart is its impeccable provenance—it originates directly from the Steelers jersey archives and comes with a letter signed by Art Rooney II.

Swann's jerseys are highly sought after by collectors, making this offering even more appealing. It is an incredibly rare find as only a select few authentic examples have surfaced over the years. In fact, it can be counted on one hand. Interested bidders are taking advantage of this unique opportunity to own a piece of NFL history.

Photo-matched to the game against the San Francisco 49ers on November 27th, 1978 (AP18212073442440), this Lynn Swann jersey holds immense significance within sports memorabilia circles. The meticulous detailing and undeniable authenticity make it a valuable addition to any football collection.

With bidding set to conclude on March 16, 2024, time is running out for enthusiasts to secure their chance at owning this treasure. Lelands continues to attract serious collectors who understand the historical significance and value of such remarkable pieces. As Swann's legacy lives on, his game-worn jersey proves to be an extraordinary memento from his championship-winning season.

11/27/78 Lynn Swann Photo-Matched Pittsburgh Steelers Game Worn Jersey - Season High 134 Yards & 2 Touchdowns (Steelers Letter)

Platform : Lelands

Latest Bid : $11,253

Number of Bids : 10

Auction End : Mar 16, 2024

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Source : Lelands

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