$1,995 Baby Driver (2017) Bats' Robbery Costume Available on Propstore

$1,995 Baby Driver (2017) Bats' Robbery Costume Available on Propstore

The iconic robbery costume worn by Bats (Jamie Foxx) in the action-packed film Baby Driver is now up for grabs. In this Edgar Wright-directed masterpiece, the audience follows a young getaway driver as he attempts to execute one final heist that will liberate him from his debts and criminal connections. During an adrenaline-fueled armored truck robbery, Bats dons a blue jumpsuit made by Dickies and a latex mask with a convenient slit for fastening. This authentic costume bears the handwritten label "Hero" on the jumpsuit and is marked as "Bats" on the mask. Despite minor signs of wear due to production use and age, this ensemble remains in exceptional condition.

Film enthusiasts and collectors alike will be thrilled to add this sought-after piece of cinematic history to their collection. The jumpsuit's vibrant blue hue grabs attention while paying homage to the character's bold personality. The size large (L) ensures a comfortable fit for fans looking to channel their inner Bats. Accompanied by its striking Mike Myers-inspired mask, complete with precise detailing, this ensemble captures the essence of Bats' daring persona.

Propstore offers this remarkable cultural asset at a list price of $1,995. With its affordability within reach, admirers of Baby Driver can own a tangible piece from one of cinema's most exciting heist films in recent years. Whether displayed as part of a personal collection or proudly showcased in an entertainment-themed setting, this costume serves as a conversation starter that allows inpiduals to delve into memorable scenes and discuss the film's intricate visuals.

This opportunity provides fans with a chance to own an authentic piece of movie memorabilia that embodies both style and substance. Aspiring drivers can feel connected to Bats' rebellious spirit through this costume's association with high-stakes action sequences and thrilling escapes. It serves as a tangible reminder of the film's adrenaline-pumping moments and the skillful artistry that brought Baby Driver to life.

In summary, the rare chance to acquire Bats' robbery costume from Baby Driver is now at hand. With its list price of $1,995, this prop from Propstore allows fans to bring home a piece of cinematic history. Immerse yourself in the world of high-speed getaways and intricate heists by adding this remarkable ensemble to your collection today. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a tangible connection to one of Edgar Wright's most exhilarating films.

BABY DRIVER (2017) - Bats' (Jamie Foxx) Robbery Costume

Platform : Propstore

Price : $1,995

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