$1,595 Complete Vampire Costume from 2010 film "Priest" Available in Market

$1,595 Complete Vampire Costume from 2010 film "Priest" Available in Market

A unique opportunity to own a complete vampire costume from the post-apocalyptic sci-fi film "Priest" is now available. This custom-made costume, worn by the protagonist played by Paul Bettany, showcases intricate details and craftsmanship. Made primarily out of foam latex, the six-piece ensemble includes gloves, foot appliances with three claws, and teeth appliances with four fangs. The body suit features a realistic muscle structure and rib cage, along with silicone webbing between the arm pits. Despite some wear from production use, such as chipped paint and tears in the foam latex, this iconic costume is an extraordinary piece for any movie enthusiast or collector.

The Propstore, a reputable secondary market for authentic movie memorabilia, offers this remarkable cultural asset at a list price of $1,595. As fans of "Priest" well know, this costume plays a significant role throughout the film as the Priest embarks on his mission to rescue his kidnapped niece and eliminate vampires along the way. With its futuristic design and attention to detail, owning this costume allows fans to relive moments from the thrilling post-apocalyptic world depicted in the movie.

Crafted meticulously with foam latex and other high-quality materials, this custom-made outfit does not have a marked size but offers flexibility for various body types due to its construction. The body suit features hidden zippers enclosed under glued-down latex flaps to maintain authenticity while ensuring ease of wear. While it may show signs of wear from its time on set – including chipped paint and tears in the foam latex – these imperfections only add to its authenticity and serve as reminders of its significance within the production.

Whether you are an avid collector seeking unique pieces or simply an admirer of cinematic artistry, this complete vampire costume from "Priest" provides an exceptional opportunity. Its rarity makes it a remarkable addition to any collection, as it offers a tangible connection to the post-apocalyptic world of the film and the iconic character portrayed by Paul Bettany. Don't miss out on this chance to own a piece of movie history and bring the thrilling tale of "Priest" to life in your own personal collection.

In summary, the complete vampire costume from the 2010 film "Priest" offers an extraordinary opportunity for fans and collectors alike. With its intricate details, custom-made construction, and connection to a beloved sci-fi movie, this iconic ensemble is sure to captivate enthusiasts seeking unique cultural assets. The Propstore's list price of $1,595 reflects the value placed on this exceptional piece of memorabilia.

PRIEST (2011) - Complete Vampire Costume

Platform : Propstore

Price : $1,595

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