$1,345 Lalo Salamanca Binoculars and Tripod Set from Better Call Saul Available for Purchase

$1,345 Lalo Salamanca Binoculars and Tripod Set from Better Call Saul Available for Purchase

Fans of the hit crime drama series Better Call Saul can now own a piece of the show with the Lalo Salamanca Binoculars and Tripod Set. This set, used by Tony Dalton's character, Lalo Salamanca, allows fans to immerse themselves in the world of the show and experience the thrill of spying on Gus Fring's operation.

The binoculars and tripod set were essential tools for Lalo as he observed Gus Fring's chicken farm from a distance. With this set, fans can imagine themselves in Lalo's shoes, taking notes on Gus's activities and plotting to bring him down.

The set includes a pair of binoculars mounted on a sturdy tripod, allowing for steady viewing even from afar. These items are secured in a convenient travel bag, ensuring that they remain in excellent condition.

What makes this purchase even more special is that Sony Pictures Television will be donating a portion of the sales proceeds to two local charities located in Albuquerque, New Mexico - the Assistance League of Albuquerque and ABQ Mutual Aid of the SouthWest Organizing Project. By purchasing this cultural asset, fans not only get to own a piece of television history but also contribute to worthy causes.

Listed at $1,345 on Propstore, this Lalo Salamanca Binoculars and Tripod Set is an exclusive item that will surely be highly sought after by collectors and avid fans alike. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a unique piece from Better Call Saul and support local charities at the same time.

In conclusion, the Lalo Salamanca Binoculars and Tripod Set offers fans an exciting chance to own a prop from their favorite television series. With its excellent condition and charitable aspect, it is truly a must-have for any fan or collector looking to enhance their collection. Get ready to embark on your own Better Call Saul adventure with this remarkable cultural asset.

BETTER CALL SAUL (2015-2022) - Lalo Salamanca (as played by Tony Dalton) Binoculars and Tripod Set

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Price : $1,345

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