£1,295 for Richard Dreyfus' Piranha 3D Costume: A Piece of Horror Movie History

£1,295 for Richard Dreyfus' Piranha 3D Costume: A Piece of Horror Movie History

Richard Dreyfus' iconic costume from Alexandre Aja's 2010 horror film, Piranha 3D, is now available for purchase on the secondary market. The costume includes a size 2XL grey t-shirt, a Levis denim jacket (size M), Levis denim trousers (36" waist), and a thick brown leather belt and buckle. Although the short grey beanie hat and turquoise bandana didn't make it to the final cut, all garments are in a used condition with intentional distressing to create a well-worn look. This unique cultural asset can be yours for £1,295.

Piranha 3D tells the story of a terrifying turn of events during spring break when an underground tremor unleashes prehistoric piranhas into Lake Victoria. Richard Dreyfus makes a memorable cameo appearance as Matt Boyd, a fisherman who falls victim to the ravenous creatures after an earthquake splits the floor of the lake.

The opportunity to own such an iconic piece of horror movie history is truly extraordinary. With its connection to Piranha 3D and Richard Dreyfus himself, this costume holds immense value for fans and collectors alike.

The distressed denim jacket exudes character and adds authenticity to any collection. Paired with the grey t-shirt and denim trousers, it showcases Matt Boyd's rugged style perfectly. The inclusion of the thick brown leather belt and buckle adds an additional touch of detail that completes the ensemble.

Whether you're a dedicated horror enthusiast or simply appreciate unique cultural artifacts, this costume offers an unparalleled opportunity to own a tangible piece of cinematic history. Imagine displaying it in your home or adding it to your personal collection – it's sure to be a conversation starter among friends and fellow enthusiasts.

With its affordable price tag of £1,295, this cultural asset presents a rare chance to own a piece of the silver screen. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring home Richard Dreyfus' Piranha 3D costume and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of horror cinema.

In conclusion, Richard Dreyfus' Matt Boyd costume from Piranha 3D is an extraordinary find for movie enthusiasts. With its connection to the film's storyline and the actor himself, this cultural asset holds immense value. Whether you're a collector or simply appreciate unique pieces of cinematic history, don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of horror movie nostalgia.

PIRANHA 3D (2010) - Matt Boyd's (Richard Dreyfus) Costume

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Price : £1,295

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